A Late Introduction
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Author:  Euthalene Faintree [ Sun August 8th, 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  A Late Introduction

I'm a silly little pette it seems, I've forgotten to post here entirely! :o

My name is Euthalene Alexia Faintree, I am a melin though I do not yet know from where I hail (unable yet to distinguish between the want and is in this area, though I have read elsewhere of claiming multiple nationalities)
I have a Heartbook in which I am trying to maintain more regularly, and I'm finding with each passing day that thame and femininity is what I want, the very essence of Dea.
Currently I am working on making my living space a more racinated environment :)

With that I would like to ask a question: is the Sai Thame College only available to those with access to Second Life? My current ordie simply can't run it and I am quite interested to attend the Aristasia 101 course as described on the College's page.

Author:  Petite Sorcière [ Mon August 9th, 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Late Introduction

Welcome to the forums!

It is wonderful to racinate your life and become more sensitive to the finer things. I noticed on Heartbook you are watching nicer television now. Do you ever hear up-to-date radio? There are just thousands of shows freely available in elektraspace (I can help you find some if you want) and especially if you are listening-in with a gentleman (therefore not needing them to be Motherlandish) many are perfect.

Sherlock Holmes, Our Miss Brook, Burns and Allen and Nero Wolfe are among those I woulc recommend. If you have a household radio set you can buy a doohickey for literally a few dollars that will beam the shows from your ordie to your radio. And you can listen at the supper table. So much more civilized athan TV dinners!

Author:  Euthalene Faintree [ Mon August 9th, 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Late Introduction

Thank you so much, that sounds utterly lovely! :!:
A supper-table radio broadcast... And Sherlock Holmes should be most agreeable to start out with!
Currently I do not own a radio (Now certainly on my shopping list!), but I would greatly appreciate your help in finding the downloads.
Oh, I wonder, could I find commercials as well? Or perhaps they come with the broadcasts? Just the thought... 8-)

Author:  Petite Sorcière [ Mon August 9th, 10:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Late Introduction

I also glad the idea pleases you. At this link you will find several Sherlock Holmes episodes ready for instant listening - there are hundreds more online. ... k%20Holmes

As for advertising - please do not think you will get away without "a few words from our sponsor". In fact I guarantee you will soon be well versed in the delights of Petri wine.

Happy listening-in! Do let me know how you like them.

PS - one or two broadcasts suffer from bad reception. Just skip to the next one. They are mostly fine.

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