Post Sun March 14th, 7:11 am

The Floating Theater Launches


by our Staff Reporter

The Princess Amaldia Theater was launched today in Porta Selene, Jenilow by Princess Amaldia herself, the third daughter of the Archduchess.

And when we say "launched" we mean just that, for the Princess Amaldia Theater is a boat. It is also, as its name suggests, a theater.

The floating theater will travel the length of the great River Savastri in Jenilow and may make occasional visits beyond the borders to upper Arcadia and Novaria. The planned repertoire will be a mixture of classical Avitsenhe/Jenilovian drama such as The Legend of Tenyu Ti and more modern productions like The Perfect Blonde.

The first performance will be in Shinvai, and will be a rendering of The Silent Maiden.

Miss Caran Veraline, mistress of the Princess Amaldia Theater says: "We hope to bring a new and delightful experience to the theatergoers of the great cities like Jenilow and Savastrine and also to bring theater to many remote districts that have up to now been served only by rare visits from traveling companies. We also hope to showcase the delights of Jenilovian theater to the people of Upper Arcadia and East Novaria."

Taking theater to Upper Arcadia may seem like taking snow to Kronaberg, but Miss Veraline feels that the Jenilovian theater tradition has been underrated abroad and welcomes the opportunity to present it to the sophisitcated audiences of Loveton and Miranda.