Meteor Storm

Meteor Storm

Postby Goldenhead » Tue April 20th, 5:26 pm

We are coming in to land.

It is a long process and we have suddenly found ourselves hindered by a meteor storm. The ship has been visited recently by an intelligence officer. She has a black uniform and wears little metal rimmed spectacles. She seems to be attached to a squadron of support vessels.

I asked her about the meteor storm which is covering a fairly wide area. "Is this all just because of us?" I asked.

"The Forces of Darkness are bringing out the big guns," she explained. "But you must be aware that cause and effect are not entirely as two-dimensional as Telllurians tend to think. The storm is part of the war. It may have causes and implications on many fronts. As far as we are concerned, however, it is an attempt to delay or prevent the landing."

"Will it work?" I asked.

"This is war," said the officer (I still haven't managed to catch her name). "We have to expect opposition. We have to expect big guns to be deployed against us at this stage. But we have some big guns of our own."

Well that was certainly encouraging to know!

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