Hello World(s)

Hello World(s)

Postby Goldenhead » Sat February 20th, 4:55 am

I wonder if Moura Day is a generally good day to start a diary.

I think it is a good day to start this diary. Moura is a time of purification: it is a casting off of the old in preparation for the new. It is a purging of the impurities of the past year in readiness for a new year. It is the antechamber to the Great Change.

That is where I am now. Most of my past has been swept away in this disastrous year and I am now preparing for a future. Most of these journals are named as houses within the Sanctuary, but I asked for my one to be a diary because I am between "houses" in many senses. This diary will, I hope, be a diary of journeying.

I am not like those bongos who think journeying and never settling is good in itself because (usually quite settled people in fact) they disdain, at least in theory, all establishment, security and belonging. No indeed: I want to settle. I want to be home. But really I have no home just now. I want that to change. I hope this will be the story of that change.

Have you ever been in Virtualia when your avatar is a cloud? It can happen for a variety of reasons - usually a less-than-perfect connexion. Your body is not its usual shape, but, just a cloud. Some girls, who do not have a powerful enough ordie for the full visual browser are always like that. They cannot see anyone, only speak with them, and everyone sees them as a cloud.

Well that is how it is with me. Not in Virtualia (I have an avvie there that you may have met) but everywhere else. In Physicalia, yes. Also in the Aethyr. Not the quasi-aethyr of Elektra, I mean, but the real Aethyr.

We refer to our physical bodies as flavvies (flesh avatars), and while that is something of a joke, it is also very accurate. As it says in the Scriptures:

Thou art not thy body, nor is thy body any portion of thee. It is an estate which thou hold’st for a time, and after a time shall pass from thee.

We manifest on different planes of being by means of "bodies" or "avatars" appropriate to the given plane. One needs, for example, an avatar for Virtualia, one for Physicalia, and one for any level of the Aethyr one may inhabit.

In what sense is a Virtualia avatar less "real" than a physical one? I would say, in the sense that it is a second-level or "piggyback" avatar. The virtual avatar is operated by the physical avatar, using its eyes to see and its fingers to type.

But the "piggyback" nature of an avatar does not really prevent it from having reality at its own level and from merging with other levels of reality. In Virtualia we are not interacting with an ordinator; we are interacting with real people, our friends, through the medium of an ordinator.

In the aethyr, my avatar, not being a "piggyback" one, is less changeable-at-will than my Virtualia one. She looks rather like a small, golden-haired child and so has long been nicknamed "Goldenhead" by others in the Aethyr. She makes me look younger than I am or at least younger than most of me is!

The reason I started with the "being a cloud" thing is that currently I have some trouble, particularly in Physicalia, in getting my consciousness into my (flesh) avatar. I don't want to go too much into the reasons for this. One reason is that I need person or people to "ground" my consciousness and following a recent desertion there is no grounding entity. Another is that my avatar has become manifest in a psycho-physical "place" that is too hostile to my consciousness to let it "ground" there at al.

Looked at from the point of view of my team in the Aethyr, they are having trouble "landing" me on Telluria. It isn't so much that something is going wrong as that getting a consciousness onto an alien world is not easy, even when you have an avatar for it. It is a complex operation that requires a number of factors, not all of which are currently in place.

So essentially, I find myself at present hovering above Telluria trying to find a spot to make landfall.

I hope that hasn't confused you all too much. I wanted to lay out the position on this Moura Day, because after a long time in a very nebulous situation and a year in complete no-maid's-land I am making preparations and hope to make landfall early in the new year.

It is a little frightening. I don't know Telluria well at all. I have some theoretical knowledge of the place, but almost no practical experience. I think that is why I am writing this. I don't know if anyone will understand what I am saying, but one cannot think alone.

So I am trying to think here and prepare myself for landing.

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