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 Post subject: Twitter and Facebook
PostPosted: Thu August 12th, 8:39 am 
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Doing well
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I was reading the Heart Wire discussion on Twitter and Facebook. I have a strong aversion to both. Miss Esmeralda Czeret said something that reminded me of another thing-

Miss Esmeralda Czeret wrote:
Technics are ideologically neutral. They are only as good or as bad as the uses to which they are put. If you can find a good use for a tool, does it really matter if other people you don’t know are simultaneously putting it to a bad one?

I read recently about a fascinating study on language. The language you speak affects the manner of your thought process. The article is about the work of a Miss Lera Boroditsky. For instance, she points out that English speakers always assign an agent to an action whether it is on purpose or an accident: as in, "Miss Daffodil broke the vase in the Embassy." However, Spanish and Japanese speakers, on the other hand, will not assign a causal agent, and will say instead, "Oh dear! The vase broke itself!"

Miss Boroditsky discovered that when watching kinnies of actresses and breaking vases, if the vase in the kinnie were broken on purpose both English speakers and speakers of Japanese and Spanish recalled the events equally well. But when the vase broke accidentally, the Japanese and Spanish speakers had difficulty remembering the actresses present while English speakers did not. She goes on to theorize on how this might affect levels of litigation in the different countries.

Anyway.. Her work has shown that how we communicate affects how we think. Not being a birdbrain, I prefer not to think in tweets. :shock:

Miss Daffodil
PS- I'm so sorry for saying this here but I truly wanted to comment and for some reason I am unable to post to Heartbook. I cannot log in and when I try to join nothing at all happens. If this is too awkward, could some kind pette possibly relate my thoughts on the Heart Wire

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