Thougts on Transition

Thougts on Transition

Postby Jullianna Juliesse » Fri January 1st, 7:08 am

Rayati, all. First of all, a very happy Tellurian New Year to everyone.

It seems appropriate to be writing about transition today, on the start of a new calendar year of sorts.

For the past week, we have been moving my mother's things from the house in which I grew up into the new little yellow house. We had been approaching this in a very pragmatic fashion all along, making punch lists of tasks and checking things off our "to do" list. But now, as the end is fast upon us, it seems to be a more emotional time. For me personally, it struck me on Monday when the first bits of my old bedroom furiniture arrived at the new house.

As I polished the litte white nightstand, I began sorting through the drawers to clean out the odds and ends I left behind some 23 years ago when I moved out on my own. The old letters, newspaper clippings, matchbooks from special restaurants, etc. brought back such a flood of memories, some painful, some quite nice. I think I honestly believed I could lock them away in a little drawer forever, forgetting they ever existed, but I know now that someday, literally and figuratively, the drawers have to be unpacked, sorted, and cleaned out once and for all.

Guess that time is now.

I am not sure I am up to the task.

I am told by Mother and my brunette that there is not much left in the old house, and that things are a bit of a shambles. I shall have to go over at some point today and pack up dishes so that they can be moved. I know I have to do this sooner than later. My mother cannot live this way, and the sooner we get her settled, the better for all of us. I am just so afraid and dreading walking into my old house, the one I tried so hard to run from, and put it all to rest.

Please think of me today. Putting these thoughts out there has helped me in a small way.

In amity,
The bonds of sisterhood will endure.

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Re: Thougts on Transition

Postby Sushuri Madonna » Fri January 1st, 8:06 am

I shall be thinking of you - lots of love!

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