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Fear is a very powerful emotion. I know this because I've been constantly experiencing it ever since this whole GRE incident began. I'm terrified my scores will not be high enough to get into graduate school, or that something else will happen to stop me fron attending a graduate program.

At the urging of my Tellurian sibling, I've begun e-mailing professors at the various schools to which I hope to reply. Most of the responses were positive, but I got a few that were downright upsetting. :?

At two universities, I was informed that the departments were largely analytic and therefore would not be suitable for me. This is all well and good; I would rather not study analytic philosophy, but it still worries me. Why do people take the split between continental and analytic philosophy so seriously? While I believe one is inherently more traditional and therefore worthwhile, I do not see why the two must constantly be separated. Wouldn't continental philosophers benefit from hearing the analytic perspective and vice versa? :cry:

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Re: Fear

Postby Sushuri Madonna » Wed November 25th, 7:44 am

One might further ask why two schools of "philosophy" - the Continental being, as you have often stated, merely the lesser of two evils - should be allowed to monopolize academic philosophy departments absolutely. Not even another school of Tellurian rationalist-revolution philosophy is allowed a look in, far less anything that goes so far as to subject the whole kit and caboodle to the many criticisms to which it is so extremely vulnerable.

Is this really the state of "academic freedom" in modern west Telluria? You bet.

This relatively petty thought-monopolization of academic philosophy departments is a microcosm of the much greater thought-monopolization practiced by west-tellurian education/MSM establishment on the entire "scientific world-outlook" upon which, for them, everything rests.

As honored Raya Chancandre said in a recent lecture at Sai Thamë College:

What Dr. Jaynes cannot accept is that any change could have taken place in the conditions of material existence itself; because the stability of material existence - not the stability of things within it, but the stability of materiality itself - is one of the unproven and unprovable foundations of the "scientific outlook" that must never be questioned. Because if it were questioned, the frailty and arbitrariness of the very bases of the modern mentality would be laid bare. There could then be no certainty for the modern mentality of anything. And that would be emotionally extremely uncomfortable.

Therefore the question cannot even be discussed in "respectable" academic circles. All the revolutionaries that infest academia - all the post-modernists, social constructionists and nihilists, while they appear to be undermining everything, are still chained absolutely to the fundamental premisses of the rationalist revolution and never criticize them for a moment. They may criticize their application, but they do not criticize the underlying denial of transcendent intellect, or the doctrine that forms evolve accidentally out of matter with no permanent Archetypes, or the progressist/evolutionist view of humanity, or the doctrine of the stability over time of material existence.

While each of these positions is directly contrary to traditional teaching as found all over the world, the supposed "questioning minds" of modern academia do not dare question one of them for a moment or ask whether, in the conflict between traditional and modernist thinking, there is even a chance that modernism might be wrong.

You can read the whole lecture here.

On the subject of fear - I begin to wonder if this year of Sai Rhavë, which has battered us so very badly is not, for some of us at least, entering its "fear phase". Dear Yu-chei is very fearful for her precious health, and I have been undergoing waves of terror that I may never get out of the Dark Tower in Limbo and put my feet on terra firma again.

We are all facing big changes and frightening ones. Let us pray that we - and Aristasia in Telluria - shall all come through this better and stronger.

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