Idle Weekend Afternoon

Idle Weekend Afternoon

Postby Adele Poppy » Wed February 3rd, 9:08 pm

Last weekend Miss Sushuri, Miss Sharpshire, Miss Farshore and I went a-roving. Miss Farshore had found a pretty castle with a dance floor on top. We just idled and wandered and laughed. I had a lovely time.

Here is a fragment of our conversation:
[2010/01/30 13:23] Minako Farshore: Come back down the stairs!
[2010/01/30 13:24] Adele Poppy: What a glorious view.
[2010/01/30 13:24] Fiorella Sharpshire: Oh but it is lovely up here
[2010/01/30 13:24] Adele Poppy: We are being very naughty. Perhaps we ought to smoke cigarettes while we are at it.
[2010/01/30 13:25] Minako Farshore: Oh yes, rather
[2010/01/30 13:26] Minako Farshore: Ahh for the days when i had my lovely long holder!
[2010/01/30 13:26] Fiorella Sharpshire: Oh no thank you. I have no head for it.
[2010/01/30 13:26] Adele Poppy: I am polluting the area.
[2010/01/30 13:26] Sushuri Madonna is Online
[2010/01/30 13:27] Fiorella Sharpshire: At least you are polluting it gracefully/
[2010/01/30 13:27] Minako Farshore: Oh yes, very!
[2010/01/30 13:27] Minako Farshore: Oh dear, caught red-handed!
[2010/01/30 13:28] Adele Poppy: Hello darling. Rayati.
[2010/01/30 13:28] Sushuri Madonna: Rayati again
[2010/01/30 13:28] Minako Farshore: Rayati.
[2010/01/30 13:28] Sushuri Madonna: My ordie floeped
[2010/01/30 13:28] Adele Poppy: Care for some smoke?
[2010/01/30 13:28] Fiorella Sharpshire: Rayati again
[2010/01/30 13:28] Sushuri Madonna: Heeee
[2010/01/30 13:28] Sushuri Madonna: I love a passive puff
[2010/01/30 13:28] Minako Farshore: Shall we dance?
[2010/01/30 13:29] Fiorella Sharpshire: Yes lets!
[2010/01/30 13:29] Sushuri Madonna: Oh yes that sounds like fun
[2010/01/30 13:29] Adele Poppy: I'll give up smoking.
[2010/01/30 13:30] Adele Poppy: Whee!
[2010/01/30 13:30] Adele Poppy: oh Miss Sushuri...Where are you?
[2010/01/30 13:30] Fiorella Sharpshire: That is one way of doing it!
[2010/01/30 13:30] Minako Farshore: Heehee!
[2010/01/30 13:30] Sushuri Madonna: Heeee
[2010/01/30 13:30] Adele Poppy: I adore falling off things.
[2010/01/30 13:30] Sushuri Madonna: I get so lost!
[2010/01/30 13:30] Adele Poppy: Let us dance.
[2010/01/30 13:30] Sushuri Madonna: Oh yes


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