Saturday, Amsterdam

Saturday, Amsterdam

Postby Adele Poppy » Sat January 2nd, 4:44 pm

So the plan today was to: 1. Get up, 2. Leave Fraulein's apartment and then waft ourselves to Amsterdam to the Doll Hospital to purchase doll parts (and create life using electricity and possibly some Drambui...JUST JOKING.)in the form of little masks we can sew into the dolls we're making. Yes, I forgot to bring the thousands of doll faces I have lying around Haunted Castle Poppy. I remembered everything else though. And we were going to go to the Doll Hospital anyway, just because it's SO interesting. "Interesting to YOU," you say in that snippy tone you reserve for the comments you make about me. Yes, very interesting to me. I love doll faces. They are My People.

Well, we did get up. I was so congested from my cold that I was snoring when I was wide awake then proceeded to cough for a while during the extended coffee-drinking period. I have jetlag. I can drink as much coffee as I want to drink and the world still looks like a series of flickering hallucinations. THAT'S where the patented Poppy Jetlag Cure comes into play: alcohol. Every time you start to flag, go to the nearest pub and order an espresso and a beer. Drink both. Go on merry way. In a little while you will feel the urge to adjust your fluid level, so go into the nearest bar, use the blondes' facility and then order an espresso and a beer. Drink both. Continue on merry way. Repeat.

Keep in mind, please, that first you must get out of bed, shower, put on the splendid clothing you brought in your light blue suitcase which Fraulein's cat, Adelheid the Destroyer, is attempting to reduce to its component molecules, put on makeup and then GO OUT INTO THE WORLD. The Cure does not work if you stay at home, languishing on Fraulein's sofa hoping all of manifest reality will settle down and quit lurching and strobing.

So, anyway.. Wait--it snowed here! Snow snow snow! Pretty! About an inch. And it snowed later while we were eating olives in a bar before our supper reservation at Bij Ons.

Back to the story: We took the train, a process which Fraulein makes very simple. She's like Mrs. Poppy in that way. Both are terribly good at such things. At my best I may be able to buy 1st class tickets to the wrong destination, say, Rotterdam, and then, when it becomes clear that I am utterly lost, demand to know where the bar is in broken Czech.

Back to the story: On the train ride, perhaps 40 minutes long, Fraulein read aloud Wooster and Jeeves stories to me as I knitted. Heaven.

We arrived at some time in the early afternoon. One of the canals, I forget which one, was frozen, but the air felt fresh and good, not as bitingly cold as it had on my last visit. The Doll Hospital, it seems, is closed for renovations. The shop it shares space with, a hippie candle shop, had a large jar of faces (seconds, I think) that they let us paw through. We bought some, which I will show you soon. I forgot the USB thingy that transfers photos from the camera to the ordinator so Fraulein will have to help me find another one. I did the same thing last year, so now it's probably a tradition. Anyway, I do wish there had been doll hands available. And doll wigs!

Fraulein was able to find her way around to the various shops and restaurants without getting lost. I clasped my hands and gushed compliments. We arrived at Bej Ons a little early, but they let us come in anyway. I adore the proprietress (Fraulein thinks her name is Essie, but she's not sure.) and the way she dashes over to the kitchen every so often to smooch her wife (the cook). We had the meatballs with a heap of...well, it's mashed potato mixed with chopped sauteed vegetables (in my case it was curly kale), all doused with gravy. Yum. Farmer food!

During dinner Essie played local songs, called "Smartlap" (pain piece) which are terribly sentimental songs, sung in tearful wobbling vibrato, all about dying children, missing mothers, prostitutes, unkind brunettes. "I'm lying on my pillow screaming quietly about her kissing her," one song sobs. The locals (of the Jordaan district) have a song for every tragic situation. There was even a sad-sounding song which was sung to a little yodeling girl, "Oh Kleine Yodel Junge". Or perhaps it's about the little yodeling girl. My translator didn't make that clear.

So, we ate way too much.

Fraulein read Wooster and Jeeves to me on the way home while I knitted lace.

Now we are chez Landgrebe, drinking Drambuie. We did find a liqueur named "Girl" which we are considering drinking at some point. It is in a sparkly pink bottle. We are a little afraid of it but it is irresistibly cute. Wish us luck.

I'll tell you more as we go along, darlings! Rayati for now. Smooch!

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Re: Saturday, Amsterdam

Postby Sushuri Madonna » Sun January 3rd, 4:25 am

Aha! So you are Drambuie converts!. It is called Drambuie because it is served in dram measures and is really quite buie. Well hey it's early here - what do you want? Wit?

So glad you are having a lovely time. Missing you like kerazee. We had lovely Day of Herthe Service last night and decked your empty pew with flowers. Well we didn't really deck it with flowers. We sang Smartlap about its emptiness though. Only we didn't know they were Smartlap because we only learned that word today, from you. Yesterday we thought a Smartlap was someone who uses a portable ordie to make witty remarks. Hey I'm waking up - that was pretty good no? No. Okay.

I hope to see you very soon in one of the old familiar elektra-places.

I love you.

That shroom xXx

PS - Did you know how Amsterdam got its name? Well you know how beavers make dams? Long, long ago Amsterdam was the only place in the world where there were no beavers and the dams were made by hamsters. One huge dam was internationally famous. For some reason the French pronunciation stuck. Oh my Smartlap is really buzzin' this mornin'.

Read The Mushroom Patch - a fun-gal outbreak in Elektra.

The column that supports the spotty top.

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Re: Saturday, Amsterdam

Postby PhoebeJoya Pearl » Sun January 3rd, 10:46 am

Oh Miss Poppy thank you for such a lovely post, and for sharing you activities with the most Honoured Fraulein! How lucky you both are to get this time together.

It brought a smile to my face, and a giggle at times!!

Hope to hear more soon!

This is my second post, I was asked did I want to save the other post to drafts, I said yes, now it is lost, I guess it got blown away with the *draft!*

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