Far from the Empress

Far from the Empress

Postby Niami » Wed May 12th, 2:04 am

Would you come and see me at my little heartbook?

Far from the Empress

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Re: Far from the Empress

Postby Sushuri Madonna » Wed May 12th, 3:47 am

Oh what a lovely Heartbook!

Now there is a special magic in this because what you didn't know is that the real Heartbook is re-starting!

We weren't going to announce this just yet. But since you have started a HB all by yourself it feels as if the Tides of Time have swept the doors open!

Very soon we are entering the Era of Sanctuary - much sooner than y'all think! We will be announcing just what this means in the very near future.

But right now, MIss Aeon (and anyone else who wants to) could you start your real Heartbook right here:


As you see - it is still at the testing stage, but you can sign up and start your own HB which is better than having it on public WordPress. I have installed Tarski, so you can make your exact same HB there and transfer it over. Do you need a Flickr plugin made available? Let me know what it is called and we will install it.

How magical you felt the call back to HeartBook just at this moment!

See you there!

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