A moment in time...

A moment in time...

Postby Minako Farshore » Sat January 23rd, 10:59 am


Here I am, huddled in my new room at Grandlondie's, wearing my dressing gown over my night-clothing and my slipper-socks in bed and under as many blankets as there are in the room. Why? Because my bedroom window is open all the way and the weather elecktrasite tells me it is 30° F outside right now. The real question is why is my window open when it is that cold, I know, and I shall get to that. But here I am, too cold even for me, and I like it cold in my room at night, and waiting for Sushuri-cheri to pop back to her ordie to answer a question and for Fiorella-cheri's elecktra-connection to stop being silly when there are more important things to do today than rest. I have the lovely trio finale aria from Der Rosenkavalier playing on my Podlet to keep me company and am contemplating some tea. It is one of those moments where you pause and think, just for a moment, that while perhaps nothing earth-shattering is happening just this exact mome, it's something you ought to record, to remember.

I am to be bonded in sisterhood with Fiorella-cheri today, if her connection stops being fussy, and I was up half the night fussing over what to wear to it and finding pressies and getting, and then putting up, a new image of Dea-as-Mary in the little shrine room at the Sanctuary in Virchers, but I am thankful for the cold because it woke me up earlier than my alarm so I could see the keitai (field-tellie) leckie saying that the connection was down. Horrid connection, to give her worries today. So the cold had its uses, you see.

But about that cold. Here I am, after a hard move all across Culveria from one side to the other, and supposed to be resting and regaining my health, and it seems Grandlondie (who is 91) isn't as well, mentally or physically, as everyone thought. She is rather far into at least the beginnings of dementia and paranoia, it seems, and has a very quick turn-around for her moods - one moment cheerful and so thankful and happy to have me here, truly content and pleased, and then five minutes later negative about absolutely everything and sure I am "up to something" if I close my bedroom door. What I am "up to" I leave to your imagination, but in reality it is usually listening to Miss Susan Graham sing lovely arias while I work on unpacking and alphabetizing the books that have been in storage for years into their own dear shelves. She has a great horror, in those moments, of what people might do in time spent alone, the paranoia, you see. Of course the truth of it is that I only close the door to keep her corgi from chewing on the boxes as I unpack them and getting puppy slobber on my first editions that I had to so carefully pack away all those years ago when I left this town for California.

Last night I came home from visiting my parents to find that my room had been fussed with: the window was closed, the door open, the new dark blue comforter on my bed was showered with pale dog hairs (I adore Fannie, her Corgi, but not on my bed, as she smells and needs a bath rather badly - I would do it but Grandlondie won't let me) and everything on my bedside table had been moved about. Now, fussing with my things, while annoying, I could easily ignore, but closing the window and letting Fannie on my bed so that it was stuffy and smelled of needs-to-be-cleaned-dog was something I had to at least ask her about. So I did, very graciously (my Nettie was still here from dropping me off and I am told I handled it quite well, I always worry after the fact in situations like this so it is nice to know) and simply inquired why the window had been closed and the door left open whilst I was gone, and if there was anything I could do in future to keep those two things from happening.

I saw at once from her response that there had been no reason for either except control and a need to be contrary, she fussed and was illogical and said I just couldn't leave the window open all the time or it would get musty (now, I am deathly allergic to mold so take care to do anything I can to keep said horrid substance from growing) and my door must be left open, as well. My Nettie's eyebrows shot upwards towards heaven at this, since Grandlondie keeps her own bedroom door closed during the day and her windows open inside. So it was just a contrary fit, a way to control the young upstart who invaded her home and is holding it over her head that I am only here to keep her from having to go to a nursing home (none of which are things that I would EVER say to her, but I could see her thinking them as could my Nettie). So I nodded a lot, and turned to Nettie and said that in that case, we'd just get a puppy-gate like my Londie uses to keep my sister's tiny dogs from chewing up things in their bedroom, and it would be alright, but that I really did need to have the window open at night if it was at all possible. Could looks kill, dear maids, this pette would be quite a former pette. I gulped and scurried and thought lying low was the best plan for the rest of the evening. But oh no, Grandlondie had one more parting shot to get out of her system. The mome my Nettie drove away, she popped into my room, glaring daggers, and said, "See! It's cooling down! You can calm down and stop acting like a two-year old now!" and huffed a little huff and slammed mine and her own bedroom doors behind her.

Respect for ones elders, especially ones Grandlondie, is a behavior I hold dear, but I must admit that it feels rather like the roles are reversed and I am taking care of a willful teenie. Sushuri-cheri is much easier to handle, quite a dream really, even in her teenie-fit-est moments (and they are rare). My Londie's brunette sibling said to me via tellie last night that I must be strong, and patient, and just think of her little tantrums (and there have been many and I have only been here since Monday) as childish and treat her as one would a sick child, gently, still with great respect, but ignore what can be ignored and let that be most everything unless I think she is an actual danger to herself or myself or anyone else. Nettie-aunt is wise from seventy-one years of dealing with Grandlondie, so I shall take the advice and try to not let it all bother me. Except I have that window WIDE open until she comes charging in here, as I think she likely shall, to demand I close it. I came here to get healed, physically and mentally, but find myself care-giver instead. Dea's ways are most mysterious, but I know they are also Good.

So, dear maids, that is why I am huddled under blankets four-deep and with socks on in bed and praying that a certain electra-connection back all the way across Culveria gets its little tizzy out of the way in the next two and a half hours.
"Let your hearts be strong, my daughter-knights; let your faith be steadfast. Let the sun that is in you be your strength and you shall prevail. Though the very rocks rise up against you, you shall prevail." ~ Sai Rayanna

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Re: A moment in time...

Postby Daffodil Finesmith » Sat January 23rd, 10:09 pm

Miss Minako,
You write in such way as I feel I'm shivering under the covers with you!

You are an angel. You are wonderful for taking this on and based on how you've described your feelings about this I'm sure you'll manage just fine. You already display a maturity that some never achieve in a lifetime.

It is my sincere hope for you that when you eventually become your Grandlondie's age there is a young thing willing to not just tolerate, but love and indulge *your wonderful* eccentricities the way you are loving and indulging hers.

It isn't easy, is it? In fact, it's so frustrating at times you feel helpless, I know. My own mother is entering the same stage of life as your Grandlondie. And I am grateful for my two daughters, who help me to cope.

The clock ticks ever onward. We ourselves are merely the minutes and seconds which count out the hours.

Can we close the window now? I can see my breath!

Miss Daffodil

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