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 Post subject: Character sketches
PostPosted: Mon November 30th, 3:21 pm 
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Doing well
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It's foolish of me to have missed it, but I recently noticed Miss Elise's story and was tempted to write some character sketches of my own. It's something I should have done earlier in the story, perhaps, but some of it just went ahead and wrote itself. Thank you, Miss Elise.

I should note that if I am in any way not as true to Aristasian society as I should be, please feel free to comment and let me know how I can improve. My editrix has sometimes put her oar in, but she never has much time to advise.

(Constabel) Reynardine Chappelle: An elderly redheaded brunette-magna several years retired from Her Majesty's Service. Her career was spent mainly as a beat constabel in Ladyton, where she settled after her birth and rearing in West Arkadya. She is a loving grandmother to her granddaughter, Syrita, but is struggling to find a balance between the wisdom of her years, the sagacity earned in her work, her Arkadyan upbringing and her long life in up-to-the-minute Ladyton in bringing her to gracious adulthood.

Syrita Chappelle: The tall, cool, jazz-baby brunette granddaughter of the Constabel. Her blonde mother died of an illness when Syrita was very young and her brunette mother was forced to take a diplomatic post in Infra-Quirinelle as soon as Syrita was old enough to be sent to school. Her rare appearances in Syrita's life have not created any visible disturbance, but her grandmother is now trying harder than ever to make a proper maid out of her in her mother's enforced absence. She is an excellent tuba player, passable pianist, shy singer and reluctant musical composer, and longs for nothing more in life than to make music and somehow satisfy her grandmother's expectations. At twenty-one years of age, Syrita is a good girl, but struggles to keep her impulsive nature and hoydenish tendencies under control before entering College life at Shelmerdine. She is a popular girl, but loves Angela more than anyone in Dea's creation.

Miss Lawton: The Constabel's head housekeeper. Like most family retainers, she is present exactly when needed and conspicuously absent when not hovering somewhere near. She takes a very Jeeves-like approach to many of the Constabel's needs, and though the interaction between them is rare, they together create a force in the Hestia to be reckoned with.

Angela Cairns: A tiny, twenty-one year old Vintesque brunette who struggles with her health. If not for the robust constitution enjoyed by many brunettes and her family's amazing wealth, she may not have lived so long. She plays the saxophone with some infrequency with the Ravenettes and has her residence in the same lay College as the majority of them. She and Syrita share an intense friendship but she harbours a secret bitterness that for many possible reasons, it will never last.

Miss Ailia Bamford: Petite, beautiful, ebony-skinned, platinum-haired, twenty-three year old Miss Ailia Bamford is one of the most stylish, glamourous and alluring of Dea's creations. If you were wondering about one of Angela's many reasons for jealousy, then behold! She is the owner of the Rosebud Boutique and niece to Constabel Bamford (Constabel Chappelle's beat partner for many years.) Most of her time is spent jetting back and forth between the fashion capitals of the East and West and flitting around her shop, happily outfitting blondes as many would ice a cake. Despite her relatively short business relationship with Syrita, their acquaintanceship certainly takes different turns during and after Syrita's tenure at the Boutique.

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