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 Post subject: Vocabulary
PostPosted: Fri September 11th, 2:42 pm 
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I should like the Japanese group to learn these words for our next meeting on Sunday.

Please note that the combination "ou" is not pronounced as in "hour" actually the "u" is a sign that the "o" is lengthened. So in "doyoubi" Saturday the vowel sound in the second syllable is the same as that in the first, but twice the length. the ii and uu are also lengthened vowels.

Don't worry if this is hard to grasp, I can discuss it aloud on Sunday. If you have any questions in advance, please ask them on this thread or on the Japanese group wire on Heartbook.

Good: ii
Bad: warui
Long: nagai
Short: mijikai
Quick: hayai
Fun: tanoshii
Saturday: doyoubi
Sunday: nichiyoubi
Weekend: shuumatsu
Today: kyou
Tomorrow: ashita
Yesterday: kinou
Peach: momo
Strawberry: ichigo
Water: o-mizu
Green Tea: ocha
Black Tea: koucha
Coffee: koohii
Ocean: umi
Garden: niwa
School: gakkou
University: daigaku
Desk: tsukue
Arrive: tsukimasu
Begin: hajimarimasu
Do: shimasu
Do one's best: ganbarimasu


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