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 Forum: Outland matters   Topic: The "needlessness" of God

Posted: Fri September 3rd, 1:12 pm 

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An interesting point about this is that when Laplace made his famous statement, he thought that the world was almost ready to understand the universe in its entirety. A few loose ends needed tying up, but in its essentials, the whole thing was understood. Such problems as how to reconcile quantum ph...

 Forum: The Crucible of Creativity   Topic: Letters From the Pit

 Post subject: Re: Letters From the Pit
Posted: Wed April 28th, 10:45 am 

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What a lovely imagining of the thoughts and soul of Mlle. Julie in these heart-wrenching scenes! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift from your heart! I wonder if there is another blonde/brunette test to go with the notorious Ribbon test and the Kiss test - the Premère test. When you se...

 Forum: For New Visitors   Topic: Esmerelda Clearing

 Post subject: Re: Esmerelda Clearing
Posted: Sun April 4th, 5:22 am 

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Rayati Miss Clearing and a warm welcome!

I hope you will have a wonderful time in Aristasia!


 Forum: For New Visitors   Topic: Miss Victoriana Royce

 Post subject: Re: Miss Victoriana Royce
Posted: Mon March 22nd, 7:46 am 

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What a truly beautiful introductory post.

Thank you so much for sharing your inner feelings with us. You may be shy but you are also very courageous.

Naturally maintaining protocol is important, but no gaffe would alienate Aristasians, I know, when your heart is so very clearly in the right place.

 Forum: Kinema Club   Topic: A Concert in High Vintesse

 Post subject: A Concert in High Vintesse
Posted: Sun January 31st, 6:32 pm 

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I was delighted by this clip - at over eight minutes it is long enough really to give one a feeling of attending a concert given by a jazz orchestra in High Vintesse:

 Forum: Kinema Club   Topic: The latest hairstyles kinnie

Posted: Sun January 31st, 12:49 pm 

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Curious that the styles seem to correspond to the four elements:

    Swept - wind or Air
    Fusée - fused or consolidated - Earth
    Neptune - Water
    Inferno - Fire

A twenty-first century in which Westerners start thinking traditionally again? Or is this not really Telluria at all?

 Forum: For New Visitors   Topic: Fräulein AnnaSophia Bernstein

Posted: Sat January 23rd, 1:49 am 

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Welcome Miss Bernstein.

There seem to be a number of Jenilovians about these days. I am so glad you are developing a love for Novarya (not that I am prejudiced!) Novarya and Jenilow have always had a natural affinity.

So glad to have you with us!


 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: Sailor Moon Dress Up Game

Posted: Tue January 19th, 7:52 pm 

Replies: 5
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What lovely sailors! I must try it out soon.

Hmm - Hiranya was once virtually the capital of Novarya and I see Sailor Hiranya is dressed in Novari colors.

Truth, justice and the Novaryan way, mayhap?

 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: Aristasian Television: I think I've remembered something

Posted: Tue January 19th, 7:59 am 

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I saw this clip, and it reminded me so much of Motherland television in so many respects. I tried to enumerate the reasons it seemed so very reminiscent: 1. Partly it was the elements that Tellurians would call "kitschy" - a word that has little m...

 Forum: The Crucible of Creativity   Topic: When Your Mimi and I Were Young (A story for young and old)

Posted: Tue January 12th, 6:16 pm 

Replies: 7
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This is simply adorable! Thank you so much: it made my day!
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