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Posted: Sat August 6th, 9:52 pm 

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These Forums are here for archival purposes. Please feel free to browse them, but for current activity, please go to Heartbook.

 Forum: The Quadrangle   Topic: The Nine Million Lives of Schrödinger's Cat

Posted: Wed October 20th, 6:58 pm 

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The point of Herr Schrödinger's cat is that certain sub-atomic particles appear to be and not be in a particular state simultaneously. Herr Schrödinger was setting up a situation in which an event at the microscopic level at which these "contradictions" (as seen from the point of view of o...

 Forum: The Daffodillery   Topic: I am still here...

 Post subject: Re: I am still here...
Posted: Thu August 5th, 10:17 pm 

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Well it can be a bit that way sometimes. We do want to keep the fora open for more meditated discussion. I hope we'll find the balance evench. We have been thinking of opening a thread or even a sub-forum on grammar, punctuation etc. As we work to formulate the Sun Daughter Press's house style. What...

 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: A New Aristasian Site

 Post subject: Re: A New Aristasian Site
Posted: Fri July 2nd, 8:06 pm 

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Since our recent discussion, this site appears to have disappeared - if you'll excuse the expression.

We have managed to salvage some of the pages so these could be included if anyone wishes to make a similar site in the future.

 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: Tattoos & Piercings (images from through the iron curtain)

Posted: Tue June 29th, 2:47 pm 

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We had a little conversation about this thread today - Miss Poppy sadly floeped before the main part of it, so I thought she - and y'all - might like to see it. It is a bit higgledy-piggledy as is the way with live chat, but I felt we covered some interesting points: 15:00:06 ‹Farshore-chei› In my ...

 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: A New Aristasian Site

 Post subject: Re: A New Aristasian Site
Posted: Tue June 29th, 9:20 am 

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Ohh thank you. Actually I think the girl who started the Guide pages is currently unable to continue working on them so they are a little frozen in their early state.

 Forum: The Quadrangle   Topic: The High Empress

 Post subject: Re: The High Empress
Posted: Thu June 24th, 8:08 am 

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...but do not look directly at the sun! This period of Fire and the Rose is the Time of the Sun. Suryadevi is simply the Sanskrit way of saying Sai Raya. You may want to hear the Imperial Anthem - the song of Raihiranya Sai Rayanna, who is the daughter of Sai Raya. You will find it here along with m...

 Forum: Anime Girls   Topic: Madonna

 Post subject: Re: Madonna
Posted: Mon June 21st, 9:32 am 

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What is a Madonna Song? Sounds dreffly devotional (or is it dedicated to meeeee - heeeheee?)

Anyway - welcome to the Fora! Have you seen Heartbook yet? A lot of the goings-on are going on there these days!

 Forum: The New Blue Camellia Club   Topic: Calling the newer girls!

Posted: Sat June 19th, 5:09 pm 

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As you see, Heartbook is now back . We are having to start from scratch. It is rather annoying when these things happen and I was really rather upset (I am sure you all were) but I believe these things tend to happen most when we are making real progress. If Heartbook goes down we must just climb ri...

 Forum: The Quadrangle   Topic: The Philosophy of Roller Coasters

Posted: Fri June 4th, 9:48 am 

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At the request of a friend on Heartbook , I am trying to reconstruct from memory the remarks I made there on roller coasters (Heartbook is whizzing so fast these days that casual comments soon disappear in the flood!). As I was talking in Heartbook-update shorthand, I will try to expand my comments ...
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